RadPro Mobile X-Ray Units

Radpro offers an innovative product line of mobile radiography units. RadPro Mobile units are configured for both digital and conventional use, and engineered to handle the most demanding diagnostic imaging environment. RadPro incorporates Canon Medical’s Digital Detectors. Canon’s CXDI technology is versatile, providing the ability to upgrade most existing fixed room radiography equipment or portables with Digital Radiography.

Canon Medical Systems Wireless and Tethered Upgrade Packages

2010 ushers in a new era of mobility and flexibility, including the addition of the first wireless detector, the CXDI-70C Wireless Digital Radiography System. Featuring a versatile 14-inch by 17-inch image area, same dimensions ISO 4090 film cassette and cable-free image transfer, the new wireless detector weighs 7.5 pounds-the lightest wireless detector in industry to date-and provides medical practitioners with greater device portability and extraordinary image quality. Medical professionals can now carry a durable, lightweight standard-size detector without a wire and easily slip it into a table bucky or stand. The Canon CXDI-70C Wireless DR System still has many of the benefits and capabilities as other detectors in the Canon Digital Radiography line including previewing high-resolution images within 3-5 seconds after exposure. By eliminating the sensor cable, the newly developed Canon CXDI-70C Wireless also enables handling similar to current film cassette X-ray systems, resulting in effortless usability and portability. With the development of an easy-to-use, portable DR system, care-givers are able to save a significant amount of time during equipment setup versus older machines and spend more time providing quality patient care.

Refurbished Mobile Units

Medical Imaging Systems offers the AMX4 and AMX 4 Plus refurbished mobile Units. All AMX-4 portables and AMX-4 Plus units have upgrades and enhancements built into them, in accordance with established standards. The AMX is the most reliable portable on the market. For over twenty years hospitals have relied on the dependability of the GE-AMX portable for their imaging needs. Each AMX remanufactured will operate like new and be useful for many years to come. At the end of the mechanical refurbishing every unit goes through a complete electronic calibration in the factory prior to shipping.