Tingle, Bennett, Continental, GE, Arcoma, IMIX, Swissray, Omega, Shimadzu, Lorad, GE AMX w/Canon Digital

MIS service staff includes individuals with more than 20 years experience servicing Radiographic and Rad/Fluoro imaging equipment. OEM training in conjunction with additional training from CRES instructors in ISO certified programs helps insure MIS service staff maintains a high level of technical competencies.

Our service staff has the experience and ability necessary to service a variety of Rad, R/F, Digital and Portable X-Ray systems.

In addition to emergency service provided under a Service Contract agreement, or through an hourly billed service call, MIS can provide scheduled Planned Maintenance Inspections. With specialized PM checklists for all types of X-ray imaging equipment, our Planned Maintenance Inspections can help identify a small problem before it becomes a big problem.

When problems arise and replacement parts are required, our network of parts providers helps us deliver timely repair solutions at competitive prices.