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A revolutionary alternative to identify breast cancer cells in their most preliminary stage. This Dedicated Breast CT device is FDA Approved under PMA P130025, with insurance codes established by the American Medical Association (AMA).


Contrast Enhanced

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The DBCT is a technologically advanced breast imaging device that acquires 360 degrees of data to produce Real 3D images of the breast. This new technology allows image acquisition without compression. The DBCT provides exceptional spatial resolution, dramatically improving the way clinicians visualize and evaluate breast tissue, while improving the patient exam experience.

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The DBCT by Koning produces high-contrast real 3D images of the breast with exceptional spatial resolution, no painful compression, in a rapid 7-second exposure, at radiation levels in the range of diagnostic mammograms. See the DBCT Technical and Clinical Specifications Manual for comparison with other breast imaging modalities in aspects such as spatial resolution, acquisition time, average number of scans per exam, etc.

“Koning Breast CT is a true 3D dimensional image of the breast. The detector is surrounding the woman’s breast, and so the cancers have no where to hide in the breast. There’s no way for over lapping tissue to be in the way from every angle.”

– Etta Pisano, MD

The ability to find cancer earlier is greatly improved. Dramatic improvements are seen in dense breast tissue, breasts that have undergone surgery or radiation has been performed, in augmented breasts and improved visualization in small breasts as well as breast cancer in males which are incredibly challenging to image on standard devices now. This technology is the only system to offer true 3D imaging like standard CT or MRI imaging provides.

The DBCT is “a real paradigm shift in breast imaging.” This advancement is as significant as CT was in comparison to standard film imaging 40 years ago. A major benefit is that the imaging is produced without painful compression. One of the leading Radiologist on the FDA study noted that “cancer can no longer hide with this technology.” This will greatly enhance our ability to find cancers in dense breast tissue where we miss 35% now. This offers significant improvement in defining advanced cancers with Contrast Enhancement that effectively enhance visualization of tumors.


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Ask your doctor if the DBCT is right for you!

The Koning Breast CT Manual is registered with the FDA. It includes cleaning guidelines which must be properly maintained.